Q: Is there a delivery fee?

To clarify, since our service revolves around volunteering, there is no delivery fee. The only compensation required is for the price of the goods, and that interaction is completed between the volunteer and yourself.

Q: Are we retaining financial information on our clients?

No. The transaction between the client and the volunteer only lies between the two, in which they transfer money through the aforementioned apps. The only information that is disclosed through these apps is limited to the person's name and, in some cases, their email.

Q: How do I know if my order was received?

The volunteer will let you know via the SMS if they have placed the package outside or near your residence.

Q: What precautions are you taking during the delivery?

Currently, we are asking our volunteers to wear gloves and masks during their process of exiting their homes, buying the products, and delivering them to you.

Q: When can I expect my groceries to arrive?

Groceries will arrive within 2-48 hours. Keep in mind we can delay an order for weather conditions. Please contact us if that is not the case. Note that if an order is requested after 5 P.M., it will be fulfilled on the next day.

Q: What if the item I want is not at the grocery store?

Our volunteers will do their best to find you the specific items that you desire. However, the volunteers will communicate with you during their time in the grocery store to ensure that any items that are not available can be substituted if needed.

Q: Is volunteering limited to teens only?

No. Although our name is "Teens4Help," we are happy to accept all healthy volunteers. Ideally, the volunteers must know how to drive from the grocery store to the buyers' homes. Check out our Volunteers Tab if you are interested in helping the community!

Q: How are payments processed?

As of now, we accept three payment options: Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, and Cashapp. The volunteers will purchase the groceries at the store using their own money and will then be reimbursed by the buyer once the delivery is made.